Where do we search for happiness? About the condition of the failed man...

Anyone that does not unite himself with God, does not gain the Holy Spirit is a (failed) person who has missed the target, who has failed.

Where do we search for happiness? About the condition of the failed man

As children we were all asked, I think, by our uncles, by our aunts, by our teacher in the first grade, what do we want to become when we grow up? Most of us answer: aviators, sailors, astronauts... Girls, in general, wanted to become doctors. There were also some of us, who, out of naivety have said that they would like to become... guests.

The youth, 8th grade teenagers and after this in high schools, had great plans. They were talking about their future. They were dreaming out loud and I hope that they do the same today.  Some were dreaming of a remarkable career, of army officers, of doctors or inventors, others desired to have a beautiful family, a harmonious life with the husband or the wife and with many children. They were daydreaming, each person describing in beautiful colours and with many details the family he or she was going to found or the way in which the professional achievements and his or her great deeds were going to change the world.

At about 15-18 years old, after having read Jules Verne, Cireșarii, The Mysteries of Paris, The Count of Monte Cristo, Robinson Crusoe, but also Crime and Punishment, The Deluge, War and Peace, everything is possible. After you have also seen Zorro, Immortals, Spider-Man, Ștefan cel Mare, you feel like the entire world belongs to you, that all and everything can be accomplished, only by wishing so. In the evening, we had the feeling that if we would have jumped a little bit higher, we could have caught a star. When we were going on a school trip, especially at Rarău, climbing on the high rocks above the world, most of us were raising their arms like wings and... we were almost flying. We were creating dreams and we were living inside them.

But years pass... like heavy clouds over the plains. The childhood and adolescence are left behind. The youth slides through life, trying to find himself a place. He is not prepared to be disappointed. In spite of this, he must however, strengthen himself and he must correctly place himself within life. Thus, God also allowed suffering for many of us, pedagogically, so we may not depart from Him. Because, either rich or poor, on the upper or lower value scale of society, we must remain together with God. We will not be wrong.


The present society, more than before, is promoting the idea that being successful means owning money, power, a beautiful house and a good car, to be married with a person with social status etc.. The social models are the ones that ``have succeeded in life``: the cinema stars, the prosperous businessmen, the politicians who travel a lot and frequently appear on TV, the talented sportsman. People belonging to these categories, as well as others, advertise intensely, intrude inside the subconsciousness of the child, the youth and of every person, becoming models for their future lives.  

The value system of this world swallows up the believer`s spiritual value system, which proposes as life`s goal, the Kingdom of God.  Briefly speaking, the person who is materially assured, the one who has financial and political power, of whom people talk a lot and with praise, is the successful one, while the poor, unknown, unmarried and struggling is the unsuccessful one. However, we know that the person, being created in the image of the Holy God, finds in holiness the ultimate and absolute sense of his existence. Quoting  one of the titles of Nichifor Crainic`s writings ``Holiness (is) the fulfilment of humanity``, from which we understand that neither wealth, power or fame gained in a certain field do not fulfil the human being. Man’s longing for God cannot be alleviated by anything belonging to this world.  Anyone that does not unite himself with God, does not gain the Holy Spirit is a (failed) person who has missed the target, who has failed. He has failed in regards the achievement of his life’s purpose. The person of today is eager of emotional experiences and of an ever-better existence, concerned about life’s quality, about health and, in general, about the things in the near future. The objective of the one who is not satisfied with little, with what this world offers, is the search for holiness and its enrichment as wholeness of the human life in God.  


It is said that a missionary who had lived in India for many years and a famous singer who had been staying there only a few days were returning home, in the United States, aboard the same ship. After two weeks of sea traveling, they were approaching the New York harbour. On the shore there was a mass of people waiting for somebody. For a second, the missionary thought that they were waiting for him. He had been working a lot in the Orient, he had built churches, he had founded missionary centres and he was somehow known in some groups.  But no! When they arrived, he understood that all those people were the singer`s fans. In exchange, there was nobody to help him even with the luggage discharge.

- Lord, I cannot understand, our missionary whispered. I dedicated forty years of my life to India, while this singer who has been singing worldly songs stayed there just a few days, and, here it is, thousands of people have come here to wish him welcome back home. While I, me, who arrived home after so much work, nobody waits for me, at least to help me with the discharge of my luggage.

However, the Lord replied:

- My son, you have not arrived home yet.

(Arhimandrit Nicodim Petre)

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„A pure heart and a watchful mind are the most beautiful adornment of youth.”
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