About ITO 2017

Young people in search for Liberty

The International Meeting of Orthodox Youth which will take place in Iași in 2017 has been conceived as a significant national and international event, which will gather 7,000 young persons in the capital of Moldova.

5,000 young persons aged 16 - 35 will meet in Iași as of the 1st of September, and later, on Sunday, the 3rd of September, another 2,000 young persons will be arriving in the Archdiocese of Iași, who will join the Meeting for only one day.

Between the 1st and the 4th of September we shall be welcoming in Iași Orthodox youth from Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Greece, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, France, Gemany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Turkey, Jordan, Syria, as well as from Africa.

The event continues the series of meetings organised in Baia Mare (2013 and 2014), Cluj-Napoca (2015) and Bucharest (2016), with the blessing of His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

The goal of this event is to provide a framework in which the youth could find role models and undergo life-shaping experiences that will draw them closer to / invite them to the Church by sharing Christian Orthodox values and by encouraging the dialogue between youth groups from Romania and from abroad.

Objectives of the meeting:

  • to promote Christian Orthodox role models and life patterns
  • to train young persons
  • to foster dialogue among the youth



Compartment of Iaşi Archdiocese The Youth Department within the Mission, Statistics and Pastoral Forecasting

The Youth Department within the Mission, Statistics and Pastoral Forecasting Compartment of Iași Archdiocese was founded with the blessing of His Eminence Teofan, Archbishop of Iaşi and Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bucovina in 2010.

The youth work strategy of Iași Archdiocese was approved in 2014.

The mission of the Youth Department is to create a generation of faithful young people by supporting the priests in their pastoral work so that the youth experience, confess and get acquainted with the Orthodox faith.

We work with the young people and the priests of Iași Archdiocese and the values we promote are: faith, family, education and culture, health, love of beauty, freedom, love of nation and country.

Our volunteers are members of ASCOR - Romanian Christian Orthodox Student Association and ATOR - Romanian Orthodox Youth Association.

We organize: camps in villages, pilgrimages and hikings, training sessions with young people and priests, activities in high schools, regional meetings, missionary liturgies, greening activities and radio programs.

The Youth Department means: youth, faith, community!


The Romanian Christian Orthodox Student Association, Iași branch (ASCOR Iași) is a youth non-governmental organization established under the 26/2000 Government Ordinance, apolitical and non-profit. The mission of ASCOR is promoting faith and Orthodox spirituality among young people, primarily in academia environment and it has over 25 years of experience and more than 200 active members, students.

How do we work? We have 5 different departments

  • Faith and Culture
  • Sport and Tourism
  • Social assistance
  • Semper fidelis
  • External Relations

What are we doing?

  • Organizing camps and training programs for volunteers, personal development, pro-active education and increase the engagement of the community;
  • Interdisciplinary conferences, workshops - sculpture, photograply, handmade, forein language courses - Russian, Greek, literature club;
  • Volunteering at the placement Centers as "Veniamin Costache", "Ion Holban", "Gulliver", at the Senior Placement "Sfinții Împărați Constantin și Elena" and at the Penitentiary of Iași;
  • Professional exchange, partnerships with Romanian and abroad associations, meetings with other ASCOR branches in the country;
  • Pilgrimages, Camps, Sports, Contests.

5000 young people are expected at Iasi during the event (September 1-4) + 2000 participants only on Sunday, September 3rd.

7000 participants on Sunday, September 3rd, 2017, youth from Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Greece, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, UK, Switzerland, Turkey, Jordan, Syria and the African continent.

Selection criteria

Dioceses are responsible for the careful selection of young people and, in particular, the relationship with those under 18 years old. Each group of 50 youth will have a responsible, helped by five assistants (one assistant for every 10 young participants) within the group of 50.

Selecting young people will be follow the criteria:

  • Orthodox Youth, boys and girls, aged 16 - 35 years with experience in parishes or youth associations (ASCOR, ATOR, LTCOR and other associations);
  • Young people between 16 - 18 years (maximum 50% of the group) will be selected only with the parental consent form completed sent by the organizers;
  • Theological students and seminary students (not more than 10% of the group);

Organizers from each group will have a group leader (priest) and an accompanying group (boy/girl) from the organizers.


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„A pure heart and a watchful mind are the most beautiful adornment of youth.”
- Metropolitan Nicolae Bălan -