A 5000 euro conversation: “I’d like to talk to you!”

- Yeah. I’ve stolen a car...

- I’m saying this because all my classmates have a father who talks with them, but I don’t have who to talk with.

- Dad, I’d like to talk to you.

The kid enters the kitchen without taking off his shoes, looks at his father straight in the eyes, a little bit frontal and a little bit from above. He is in the 12th form and has already turned 18. He looks down on his father because he is taller.

- What happened?

-We need to talk.

He is taking straight, close looks at his father, trying to seize the slightest winch on his face – as if he were trying to challenge him.

- Well, shoot.

- I stole a car.

- You stole a car!?

- Yeap. I stole a car, drove it around downtown a few times, then I crashed into a street pole.

- How could you steal a car!? And where is the car now?

- Outside, in front of our house.

- What on earth? Let’s see.

They both climbed down the beautiful steps in front of the building. They live in a large and elegant house, built in style and on lots of money. The father opened the little gate and indeed, there was an almost new, red BMW parked outside the house. The expensive car, parked just like that, in front of the gate, was blocking the little street.

- Why have you done this?

 - Just to talk to you.

* * *

The father told me the above with a confused smile. I’ve known him for many years and l know that he is a busy man, who spends little time at home, and who works and travels a lot.

- Do you know how much this conversation with my son cost me? – he asked.

- How much?

- 5.000 euros. On this occasion, I remembered that when the boy was in the 5th – 6th form, I asked him what he wanted to become when he grows up. Do you know what he answered?

- I have no idea.

- He told me that he didn’t know what he wanted to be, but anyway, not what I am.

- Well, why are you saying this, boy?

- I’m saying this because all my classmates have a father who talks with them, but I don’t have who to talk with. My dad has no time, is too busy, too important, always gone somewhere.

- Pretty tough” - I said.

- Tough, but true. But that’s it, I’ve made up my mind to save a few hours a week for my kids.

(Părintele arhim. Nicodim Petre)

„A pure heart and a watchful mind are the most beautiful adornment of youth.”
- Metropolitan Nicolae Bălan -